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Why Drive with Hovit?

Build and grow your own business

  • Hovit allows riders to directly request and reserve rides with their favorite drivers.
  • Using your unique Driver ID or email address, riders can easily search and add you as their favorite driver. Once you are added, riders can directly request rides from you!
  • Our Favorite Drivers tool makes it easy for you to be referred. Your opportunities are boundless, use your Driver ID to get referred and grow your business.

You control the price of your rides

  • Set your own price per mile and price per minute in your Price Settings.
  • You can update your price settings at anytime to accommodate for peak hours and days.

Keep more of what you earn

  • With lower commission and insurance fees, you’ll keep more of what you make.

A ratings system that supports you

  • Riders can view your ratings before they accept a ride. This means that you are accountable for your own ratings. The higher the ratings, the more likely riders will request with you. You have the opportunity to make the ratings system work for you.

See how you can get a Cash Bonus!

  • Cash Bonus! Every ride you complete up to $20, Hovit will match it with 50% of the fare.   Any rides over $20.00 will receive a $10.00 bonus per ride.*
  • *View details, terms, and conditions.

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